I’m taking a cruise, do you provide complimentary shuttles from the parking lot to the port?

This depends on the location. In Miami, most of our affiliated locations provide complimentary shuttle up to a certain number of passengers (sometimes unlimited). Visit: cruise.parkjockey.com and enter your port, departure date, and cruise line to see a list of our affiliated locations and their associated rates, hours, and shuttle capabilities.

There is no complimentary shuttle to and from the port for my cruise parking reservation, how do I get there?

You have a few options:

  • You can reserve a parking spot at another one of our affiliated locations which provides shuttles during your departure / arrival time.
  • Take a taxi if there are no other affiliated lots.
  • Request a free Uber (peer-to-peer taxi service) by using the promo code “sheao8”. The ride is free only if you are a first time Uber user.
  • Walk, if the location is close enough to the port.