Can I cancel my cruise parking reservation?

Yes, you cancel your cruise reservation up until two hours before the start of your reservation. There will be no cancellations or refunds to customers requesting a cancellation/refund under two hours before the start of their reservation or after their reservation has already ended. 

How do I cancel my booking? I have a change of plans.

Log into your ParkJockey account either online or on the ParkJockey mobile application. If you have never logged into your account before then you will have to select "forgot password" to login. Then use the temporary password sent to your email address to log in.

Online:, enter in your email address and password. Select “Bookings” and hit the “X” to cancel the desired booking.

Mobile App: Log in with your email address and password (you may already be logged in), tap the “Passes” tab to see your current bookings and hit “cancel” on the desired booking.