have a booking for an event, concert, and/or HEAT game at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, can I arrive early to my reservation?
Yes, our parking locations at/near AmericanAirlines Arena will honor your reservation up to an hour before the start of your reservation. Some locations will not be open an hour or two before the start of your reservations. 

Can I park longer outside my designated time-frame?

ParkJockey can only guarantee your rate and availability for the duration of time listed on your parking pass. Any parking outside of that time-frame typically results in an additional fee for the difference not paid for in advance, but can result in a violation or towing. If there is still availability at the location past your parking time, you can extend your booking. If the there is no availability you will not be able to extend your booking and will have to move your vehicle.

How do I change the duration of my parking reservation?

If the change of your parking duration results in a change to the total price then your best option is to cancel your pass, then re-book with the time-frame that will better accommodate your needs.

If the total price does not change then you can contact our support team to update your booking. Contact: support@parkjockey.com or +1 (888) 695-PARK